Red Brick Relief at 26 Grenville Avenue

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Those suffering from concrete and glass fatigue will be happy to take note of the proposal recently submitted to the City for two red brick-faced towers at 27 Grosvenor on the edge of downtown.

But a bit of material diversity isn’t the only thing worth crowing about when it comes to this project. Because a significant portion of the proposed 844 units that will come on line once the towers are completed will be affordable rental units.

Red Brick Relief at 26 Grenville AvenueThe words “affordable” and “development” haven’t really been on speaking terms in Toronto in recent years. But the as-yet-unnamed project proposed by Choice Properties REIT and Greenwin promises to change all that.

It’s actually the first example of a large scale development to be built on land formerly owned by the province.

This land was sold to the developers at below-market cost for the express purpose of addressing Toronto’s affordable housing shortage.

Beyond the affordable housing component, however, the thing that distinguishes this project from most every other high rise condominium project in the GTA is the facade.

Gone is the typical concrete, aluminum and glass. And in its place is yellow brick face at street level which harmonizes with facades on adjacent buildings and which gradually transitions to red brick as you move up the 11 story podium.

It’s a refreshing break and one that you don’t often see on buildings of this scale.

The project will consist of two towers as mentioned. One tower will face Grosvenor Avenue and rise 35 stories.

While the 2nd tower will face Grenville Ave and soar a majestic 50 stories. The towers will be connected via the aforementioned 11 story podium that will contain some light retail as well as a full-service health club and other amenities.

Red Brick Relief at 26 Grenville AvenueThe buildings are located just a block from Yonge and Congress in one of the City’s most vibrant downtown districts.

Currently, it’s an area that tends to empty out in the evening.

But it’s hoped that infusing the area with such a large number of residential units will help transform it into more of a true neighborhood and less of an office park.

To encourage a mixture of applicants and buyers, there are plans for a nearly 700 square meter day care facility as well.

And, because the location will negate the need for many residents to engage in prolonged commutes to work, a large portion of the 3 story underground garage will be reserved for bicycle parking.

Of the automobile parking spaces, 112 will be reserved for residents (though that number may well be revised upward) and 103 will be held aside for use by retail customers and those wishing to avail themselves of the daycare center.

As of this writing, there is no solid start or completion date. Before work can begin the developer’s rezoning application will need to be approved (as will the final site plan), and the existing 2 story legacy building as well as 3 storey parking facility will need to be demolished.

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